Christmas Wishes

Content warning: Suicide

This week I have learned of three suicides and one attempt. All men.

Discussing this with my husband, he said that this time of the year shines a light on what is lacking or what you perceive to be lacking in your life. Money, family, professional success, personal success, relationships and more.

This is the dark side of Christmas, and one I don’t have any answers in solving but all I can do is wish you well, male, female or other.

I wish you peace.

I wish you to buy only things that matter and you not extend yourself beyond your budget.

I wish you sleep.

I wish you warm memories of those who you no longer spend Christmas with.

I wish you guilt free eating and sensible drinking.

I wish you relief from expectations.

I wish you the power to say no.

I wish you the power to say yes.

I wish you contentment.

I wish you a sense of belonging.

I wish you stomach aching laughter.

I wish you acts of kindness both to give and receive.

I wish you health and healing.

I wish you to know that you matter. You truly do. And Christmas would not be the same with out you.

I wish you would stay a little longer.