Harry And Meghan Named The Baby What?

The bookies are taking bets for the name of Meghan and Harry’s baby due in about six weeks or so. Of course the usual suspects are up there , such as Diana and Mary but this is Meghan, who is having a doula and who wears a ring on her thumb. I will bare my bum on Bourke St if she names it something as boring as Mary or as popular as Alice.

Kate is the reliable namer in the family, not going off book with George, Charlotte and Louis, and her sister Pippa took Arthur for her newly arrived small person, and Meghan can call the baby whatever she wants. It is going to be picked on by the Daily Mail anyway, so go for it Meghan and Harry.

Let’s not forget names are to be played with in Sussex court. Both were christened Rachel and Henry and yet we know them by completely different monikers. They won’t be too fussy about names, so I think Meghan is going to not only go off book, I think she’s going to shake shit up with the babes name.

American’s like unusual names. They also seem to really like surnames as first names, and they like boys names for girls and if the rumours are true that Meghan is going to raise the baby sans gender, then we might get a Moonunit or a Quinoa.

I trawled through the family tree names on both sides today. I am pretty sure she won’t be using anything from the Markle side since her Father and half-sister are total asshats but she could go to her Mother’s side or even a rare and unusual name from the back drawer of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha tree. So here are some of the options I am throwing into the ring.

Girls Names

  • Claudia (maternal side tree)

  • Virginia (maternal side tree)

  • Garland (maternal side tree)

  • Henrietta (paternal side tree)

  • Clementina (paternal side tree)

  • Carolina (paternal side tree)

  • Helena (paternal side tree)

  • Lilliana (maternal side tree)

  • Alexandra (paternal side , Russian spelling of Alix to be used as shortened version)

  • Thyra (paternal side, Greek royals)

  • Theodora (paternal side, Greek royals)

  • Nina (paternal side, Greek royals)

  • Xenia (paternal side, Greek royals)

Boys Names

  • Axel (paternal side, Greek royals)

  • Viggo (paternal side, Greek royals, also has that Hollywood vibe)

  • Theodore ( paternal side, Greek royals)

  • Richard ( both sides)

  • Leopold (paternal side)

  • James (paternal side)

  • Patrick paternal side)

  • Christian (paternal side)

  • Garland (maternal side tree)

  • Alexander (paternal side)

Whatever the name, it will be picked over and judged, and since my children have unusual names, I won’t be saying anything unless it’s truly horrific like Stormy or Dream or Chicago, or North, or Saint, or Reign Or True…hang on! I’m seeing a theme here. No Kardashian names and we will be just fine.

Place your bets!