My 6th Letter To You

Hello again,

How was the weekend? Are you okay? You know I’m here if you need someone to listen. I might not have the right words but my ears are very able and clear, so anytime you want to unload, I can carry it for a while for you.

I have been doing a lot of introspective work with varying results. The challenge, as you know, is to know ourselves but also allow ourselves to change and grow. The goal for me is to become more responsive and less reactive.

I was thinking that when we aren’t present in our own lives we tend to rely on the mask of personality we have created and rely on it to see us through the moment or the situation. But what if we were present at these times and we paused, (sometimes I am not good at this but I am trying to be better) and responded without ego and instead responded with curiosity and openness?

I know sometimes I never really feel like I’m really grown up. That I’m pretending to go through the day with responsibilities, it’s actually pretty funny when you think about it. Like you’re ten years old and driving the car, and having parent/teacher interviews, and choosing what to have for dinner. Imagine yourself at ten doing those things. It’s difficult to try and let go of the childlike qualities but also be responsible, most of all for yourself and your actions.

But I know you are doing so well and remember that these odd and unwanted feelings don’t have to stay and if you can let them float past like clouds then that’s all they ever were.

Do me a favour today? Please? Stick around. Be present. Don’t go backwards and don’t go forwards. Be here, now.

You matter.

Kate xx

P.S. My rose are in bloom. They are 22 years old. The yellow one from one of my dearest friend. The pink one I bought when my daughter was born. Aren’t they lovely?


The Sisters


My new book is out!

This was written after reading about a group of heiress sisters to a skin care fortune.

I imagined their lives and the pressure from family and the invested public for them to be perfect, which is impossible!

I often wonder about the lack of empathy for people who are in the public eye to make mistakes, and learn from them. Imagine being 25 again and having every single mistake reported with imagery in the Daily Mail or the gossip columns?

You couldn’t pay me to do it, honestly. I got up to mischief in my 20’s and into my 30’s for that matter, hell, I am still doing it into my 40’s after recently coming home at 3.30am after a night out with friends. Thankfully no one was there with a camera to record the evidence of my tragic walk to the Uber with a kebab in hand.

The sisters in my book are all so different but connected which those who have sisters will understand. No one can hurt you or comfort you like a sister. You know where their bodies are buried and where their best parts are in their heart.

I am thrilled this is out in the world now and I hope you enjoy it!



Early reviews are in now:

“I really loved this one. It had everything. Fashion, Art, Horses and women who take their destiny into their own hands, sleazy businessmen and cheating husbands as well as a man claiming to be their brother.”

Pirate Patty Book Review Blog

You can buy here:


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Drawing On Creative Inspiration

There is a time of the day when I am filled with creative possibility.  It's usually at night, after dinner, having the last cup of tea for the day. I have so many ideas and worry I am running out of time and I am low on talent to create them all. But inspiration is a wonderful thing and I love mooching about the internet finding new things that people have created.

Of course, I wish to do things that are beyond my skill set, such a create notebooks like José Naranja, whose work is exquisite.



Or I wish to draw like Lily Mae Martin, who can pretty much draw anything. Her work is both pensive and optimistic, as though she sees the world as it really is but pushes on anyway.


Or create a home filled with the scent of coffee and copal, fairy lights, plants and magic, where you can borrow books and take a spell for something that's troubling you.


Perhaps I could create collages like this one by Rocio Montonya.


Maybe write a poem like Mary Oliver.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 11.23.14 am.png

Amidst the pain and sorrow in the world, there is also so much brilliance in the world. While I doubt I will ever draw or create like Lily Mae Martin or Jose Naranja, or write poetry as well as Mary Oliver, I can appreciate their talent and in the meantime, I can create a beautiful home, a magical garden and write a novel, so that's a good thing. We all have something beautifil to share inside us.

Happy weekend to all the creative bugs out there. xx



What's your work ethic like?

I was talking to one of my closest friend who is an actor, and who is reading a spoken word book for a big, important, prize-winning book at the moment, and feeling the weight of expectation and the pressure of being charged with such a task. 

She mentioned that she was her own worst critic and she would work and work at the delivery in the studio, ensuring she used every minute of time to get the delivery right. 

This is why she is asked to read the important work. Because she gives a fuck about doing it right.

Today I read an article in The New Yorker on Donald Glover. The man works all the time, and he betters himself all the time. He is never complacent nor is he unaware that he has to work harder to be noticed, even if he is more talented, because he's black. And according to the Bell Hook Hierarchy, black men have the same rights as white women.

“I went to school with white people who had less talent than me—because I’m talented as fuck—and they’re doing way better than me. I went to N.Y.U. with Lady Gaga.” There was a burst of laughter and applause from the den. “Now, CBS ran Grammys ads this week, and I’m one of the hotter acts, and they had a visual of the performers on the show: Lady Gaga, Pink, and me. Only they showed some black kid from a fan video—it’s not even me. I was, like, Fuck this, fuck them, I’m not going to do the show!” After a moment, he added, quietly, “The sad thing is I’m going to do it, because black people don’t get that chance very often.”

He also says, 

 When he was ten, he said, “I realized, if I want to be good at P.E., I have to be good at basketball. So I went home and shot baskets in our driveway for six hours, until my mother called me in. The next day, I was good enough that you wouldn’t notice I was bad. And I realized my superpower.” During a lunch break on set one day, in the gym of a Baptist church, I had watched Glover play 21 against five crew members. He made three long jumpers, then began charging the lane to launch Steph Curry-style runners—stylish, ineffective forays facilitated by the crew’s reluctance to play tough D. “It sounds like I’m sucking my own dick—‘Oh, he thinks he’s great at everything,’ ” he said now, leaning forward. “But what if you had that power?” 

We all have that power. To work and get better and work and get better again. Beyonce pulls all-nighters with her team to get the moves right, the look perfect, the sound better. Did you really think she woke up like this? No way. She works harder than most and it pays off.

Cristiano Ronaldo still trains after every else had left. When he wakes up, he is the first one on the bench. He starts to work one hour before the training starts. He trains and after the training, he keeps working.  A fellow athlete says of him, 'He always wants more. He knows that if he wants to be at this level, he needs to work more and more. He has been always a winner, who when he wakes up he just thinks of work and work.”

The basketball star, Kobe Bryant worked harder than anyone else, which is why he is the best. According to a Team USA trainer, Kobe once held a workout from 4:15 a.m. to 11 a.m., refusing to leave the gym until he made 800 shots. He worked harder and longer and was stricter than anyone else on the court, this is what made him MVP.

Elon Musk works 100 hours a week.

J.K Rowling keeps working because she wants to. She sets aside her time for writing and sticks to it, no matter what else happens in her day.

Serena Williams does tennis practice, Pilates, Bikram yoga, uphill running, gym workouts, and that's just a single day. 

Anthony Trollope wrote 45 books and he wrote by the clock day in and day out, wherever in the world he was. He set up that clock and wrote at home, in hotels, at his club, on the road, in his cabin on ships, and for all I know, while he was visiting America, on a stagecoach. When the time was up, he would finish. And to prove his worth ethic, if he had eleven minutes left on the clock, and he had just finished a novel, he didn't sit back and enjoy a celebratory cup of tea – he started a new novel. Then eleven minutes later, he finished for the day. 

Why am I writing about these particular people? Because their stories are on the web and easy to access, but I know of a pediatric surgeon who works in Melbourne who has co-raised her daughter with her parents because her work ethic is so strong and her work so important.

The father of my actor friend, who is very successful says, when things are tough, you just peddle the bike harder. Work harder. Make it count. Do the work. This is why she is successful.

Right now my closest friends are working harder than ever. I am working harder than ever. The other day my son roasted me and impersonated me saying, 'Let's hustle.' Is this a bad thing? No way. He has to know this success comes from the work I do. There isn't ever 'failure' just trying again and getting better at your craft.

Yesterday I wrote 3200 words. I did this because I work hard. I had a list of things to do but this was the most important one. Everything relies on me writing. My sanity, my income, my reputation, my commitments to my publisher and agent, and my readers.

Do the work and the rest will follow. I promise. Do it. Work harder. And if you can't rock n' roll, then don't fucking bitch about it.

I don't want to hear it. You want the success? Do the work. You want respect? Earn it. You want opportunities? Push for them.