My Chatty, Cosy Weekend.

What’s happening? Well…

I watched a video about a young mum who was diagnosed with post natal depression and was afraid of germs and microbes. Part of her therapy was a slow breaking down of these beliefs and exposure until one day, the therapist, who was an avid gardener brought in some home made compost for the woman to smell. She said, “it made me feel better.'“ So she gardened and gardened and now grows vegetables on a decent plot of land and is studying microbiology.

I liked the story because she is better. And I love garden. It pushed me to spend yesterday morning outside in the garden, even though I don’t have the time for gardening right now but it was therapy. I can see the work I did from the kitchen window and it pleases me.

I divided a huge Boston fern and planted some in pots and in the ground. I also swept and raked and cleaned up leaves and moved my Angel Trumpet tree to a new spot where hopefully the meddling, hungry caterpillars won’t find their daily calorie intake and a read some a book that I bought from the op-shop called My Year of Rest and Relaxation. It was okay, a bit pretentious maybe? I felt like the author was taking the piss of the readers. But plenty of people liked it so who am I to say? She can write but perhaps it went on a bit.


About to start the Monty Don because I love him and gardens. Did you know Merritt in The Perfect Retreat was modelled after Monty?

I did food shopping and I made a delicious dinner of some FODMAP chicken affair as Dave can’t eat FODMAPS, and then watched two episodes of Vera because British crime shoes set in cold places are the epitome of cosy.


I found a subreddit of Cosy Places, because there is a subreddit for everything and it really resonated at a cellular level. I love cosy. Cosy is the best. The photo below is what a woman did to her hospital room to cosy-ify it as she is on complete bed rest for a month due to placenta issues with her and the human she is growing. I totally understand this.

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 3.13.27 pm.png

I cosified my hospital room when I had my son. A quilt and drawings from my girl on the wall and special pillows. It makes a difference.

More cosy pictures for you to be inspired by. I think lamps are instant cosy. Must have lamplight!

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 3.14.09 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 3.13.59 pm.png

What else? I met a dog named Giuseppe who runs an agency. He can open board room doors with his snout.


And now for my final cosy trick, I am going to give myself a facial and use these products because they are amazing, and give myself a hair treatment and enjoy not having skin that’s like a Pompeii person. I get so dry in Winter, I swear I can hear my face crack when I smile, which is why I have a resting bitch face but only in Winter!

And then I will make Roast Chicken with trimmings and watch me some crapy TV and go to bed early!


Happy Sunday to you all!