My 21st Letter To You

My 21st Letter To You


Hello Lovely,

What a busy time we have been having. I always think the weeks will ease and they seem to stay the same, with the level of commitments and tasks and errands to run every day.

I thought of you when I was out and about on Saturday morning. I had a long list of things to do and see to, and I wondered if you were on top of what you were hoping to do last week. I know there were a few things still undone, waiting to be tied up.

It can be hard to do things when you’re not feeling your very best but there is also a wonderful sense of achievement when you do get to tick those things off the list.

Sometimes those achievements can be tiny, like having a shower or putting washing on and afterwards you can feel exhausted but take a moment and see how great it is that you did them.

I was thinking the other day about all the times I thought I had stopped functioning and that I was useless because I couldn’t get anything done. I see now that I merely needed to rest. We overload ourselves with things to do and sometimes it doesn’t matter if we don’t get it all done, rest is far more important.

We can go and go and go and then get burned out and turn into ashes and wonder why we feel so fragile.

I think the answer is to learn not to quit but to rest. Knowing yourself and your limits are vital for wellness. I know I can’t go out late or drink much anymore. I know I must watch gardening and cooking shows to ease my mental pressure sometimes. I know I must get to bed early and have a tidy house to feel ready to take on the world.

My life might be boring to some but it’s a peaceful place to me, and it allows me to get through the things I have to do, not always well but I manage to tick them off eventually and create my work which is where the excitement lies in my life. My work is the most exciting thing in my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I built a simple life to support this work and I am proud of that.

Take care of yourself my love. Know how you need to live and don’t let anyone else demand you live another way to make them happy. Do what works for you above all else, and remember the to-do list is ever changing and don’t stress too much. You can always do it tomorrow.

Much love,



My Chatty, Cosy Weekend.

My Chatty, Cosy Weekend.

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The Plant Collector