My 17th Letter To You


Hello Friend,

How are you?

You are on my mind more than you realise, which is lovely if you think about it. Imagine the time’s people think of you during the day, and don’t shake your head at me, as I know you are doing right now. More people think of you than you realise. They hear a song that reminds them of you or they see something that sparks the flint of memory and you are being thought of, and you can’t do a thing about it.

I mention this because it is important to recognise that connections exist even when you are not physically with someone. Sometimes we can lose sight of our impact in the world. We might think we are small and insignificant but we aren’t, and we have more impact than we know.

We can become down when we think we aren’t connected to the world, and people. Although losing the connection is often more in our imagination and not always based in reality. Sometimes we make up stories about why every one hates us or hasn’t returned a call, or invited us somewhere without knowing the truth. We immediately take blame and assume responsibility. It can be exhausting to be us sometimes, right?

When I was driving to work this week, I was listening to a man talking about happiness, and that happiness is contagious. I think everything is contagious. Resilience, optimism, pessimism, happiness, sadness. This is why it is important to talk about everything in life, the good and the bad, so people can learn from it and apply it to their own lives.

Did you know the Inuit people discipline their children with stories? Stories are so important in life. It teaches us empathy, lessons and shows us ways to cope with situations that might seem overwhelming. I was thinking the other day, there isn’t a problem in the world I would have some sort of attempt or ideas at how to fix. It’s something I have said to my kids since they could understand me. Bring me your problems when they seem too big to carry, and let me unpack them and see if we can’t find a way to solve them together.

You are part of someones story, so you matter. God, how you matter. When you don’t think you matter, think of everything you have done so far in your life, and realise there were others there too, and they have the same story which includes you. These connection are beautiful and need to be honoured.

You are a a part of someone else’s story. They are a part of your story. We are all one big story and each life has a beginning, a middle and an end. The trick is make yours as fun, loving, curious, magical or as interesting as you can and know you can change the plot any time you want and you can reconnect or make new connections to people at any time.

I love you. You matter. Your story matters and you own this. This is your birthright and your copyright.