Book T̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶s̶ Titles!


A writer friend and I are obsessed with all the books titled with the words daughter, wife, girl, woman.

  • The Woman on the Corner

  • The Postmistresses Sister

  • The Butchers’s Daughter

  • The Candlestick Makers Wife

  • The Witch’s Sister

  • The Serial Killers Mother

And on it goes.

My friend and I have come up with our own titles for future books.

  • The Nudist’s Cousin

  • The Illusionist’s Sister in law

  • The Publican’s Bastard

  • The Bitch Of Bentleigh

  • The Postman’s Daughter (My friend)

  • The Fitter and Turners Daughter (Me)

Always someone’s wife, sister, daughter.


But I am sure The Nudist’s Cousin is going to be huge!!!!!