My 11th Letter To You

Hello Friend,

Take a moment and listen to world around you. What can you hear? Cars driving past? Birds being bossy to one another in the trees? Buildings being constructed? That is life, all around you life is happening. Don’t forget to be a part of it all. It is easy to stay away from the world because you’re afraid. I understand that. I like being at home also but then I go out and remember how much I love seeing the world and the people and colours and sounds.

When I had my first baby, my therapist said to me I needed to ensure I went out once a day. I had the nappy bag packed by the front door, so my little peach and I could escape for a chance to see the world. To remind myself that there was even a world out beyond the sea of caring for a newborn.

I still have to remind myself of that at times and I remind you of this also. Be a part of the messy, noisy, peaceful, joyful, sorrow filled world.

I had the realisation this morning that with each year I live, I grow up a little more. I learn a little more about myself and my responses to the world. I learn more about how life is unusual and strange, and how others impact your life, even strangers, and I understand how ignorant I was about things the year before and how much I still have to learn.

Growing up is a lifelong process toward knowing our true self. Not the person who was conditioned by others expectations, or traumatic events, or any other contributing factor, but the person beneath all of the layers of emotional grime.

And that’s all there is really.

Know yourself. Know everything about you. Scrub it all back and find yourself again. That is the meaning of life.

Be kind to yourself this week my love.

I will write again soon. Know I am thinking of you.