Things I Love About Autumn

Things I Love About Autumn

  • The scent of autumn leaves.

  • The sunset colour of the leaves from the browns through to the yellows and reds and claret.

  • The scent of woodsmoke fires at dusk.

  • The crisp morning air, where you can pull the covers up under your chin.

  • Warm sunshine with a cool breeze.

  • The budding Daphne and Camellia plants.

  • Figs emerging on the trees for a June harvest.

  • Autumn root vegetables for slow cooking.

  • Knitwear!

  • Boots!

  • Warm and colourful scarves.

  • Hot coffee with friends while sitting in the fresh air at a cafe.

  • Slower days and slow cooking.

  • Red wine and crosswords.

  • Fluffy socks and slippers.

  • Entire weekends watching TV while wrapped in a blanket, because there is a cold spell.

  • Drives to country markets and antique stores.

  • Football.

  • My birthday!

  • Enjoying apple season by making an apple pie.

  • Making pumpkin soup (this is my fave recipe for it.)

  • Picking chestnuts, roasting chestnuts, eating chestnuts.

  • Making a fire pit or buy a fire dish and toast marshmallows outside.

  • Hanging fairy lights in your house to create some sparkle during the dull nights.

  • Having a movie night with your beloveds, eat popcorn, watch a new movie and an old fave.

  • Planting bulbs for a colourful display in Spring.

  • Playing board games with family or friends.

  • Making a dessert with a crumble topping, add ice cream.

  • Putting flannel sheets on your bed.

  • Learning to knit or crochet.

  • Taking long walks in the park or on the beach.

  • Reading in bed with a cup of tea.

  • Slowing down and taking stock of life.

  • Starting a new book to read.

  • Bringing out blankets and throw rugs for the sofas and bed.

  • Lighting candles that smell like spices.

  • Jumping into a pile of leaves, or watch dogs and kids do this.

  • Baking bread and give it to friends and family.

  • Taking walks at dusk and smell other people‚Äôs dinners.

  • Putting cloves into the knitwear drawers.

  • Having a weekend away in the country and walking and eating and napping and reading.

  • Visiting art galleries and wandering while the rain falls outside.

  • Sunday lunches with friends and family.

Happy Autumn to those in the Southern Hemisphere!


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