A Few Of Our Favourite Things

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A while ago I posted a list of simple pleasures on my Facebook page. I wrote some of mine but soon, many, many readers added to it in the comments, with their wonderful pleasures of life, so here is the updated list with everyone’s tiny, beautiful things that make life worth living.

1. Clean sheets

2. Showering during the day in natural light, no lights on

3. A well-steeped cup of tea

4. Coming home to a clean house

5. Christmas morning

6. Waking up late when it's raining.

7. Being able to pay the bills on time.

8. Having a full fridge

9. Feeling anxiety subside

10. Taking out a ponytail that has been in all day

11. Taking off a bra that has been on all day

12. Having the house to myself

13. Making a baby laugh

14. When my dogs are happy to see me upon my return

15. Seeing your garden grow and flourish

16. Peeling the egg in one go with no little bits of shell

17. Singing in the car with your fellow travellers

18. Getting a package in the mail that you ordered

19. Laughing until you cry with your children

20. Turning on lamps in the evening

21. Swimming in the sea when it's hot outside

22. Wanting to get back to the book you're reading

23. Feeling understood

24. Tiny biscotti that comes with your coffee

25. Christmas lights in other people's windows

26. Giving compliments

27. Spontaneous adventures with your person

28. Being recognised for your work and personal growth

29. Being happy for others when they succeed

30. Watching people open a present you bought them

31. The smell of just-cut grass

32. The smell of rain after a long dry

33. The smell of others people’s dinner when you go for an evening walk

34. Lying in your cosy bed when its a stormy night

35. Clean ironed pure cotton sheets

36. Perfectly ripe avocados for guacamole

37. Feeling the sand between your toes at the beach

38. A coffee at home when all the housework is done

39. Holding the hand of child

40. Putting on your dressing gown or/and slippers or /and PJs

41. Laughing until you cry

42. Cutting fresh herbs from your garden.

43. The smell of a barbecue for a sausage sizzle

44. Picking an instrument to making music which makes your heart and others feel glad

45. Bare foot walking through thick grass in the cool night’s air, after a hot, hot day

46. Smell of the outback after it has rained

47. Having your hair played with

48. Sharing a meal with wonderful friends.

49. Picking up a thread of conversation with someone that you haven’t seen in years

50. Seeing someone who was ill, become well again

Life is filled with as much positivity as you want to believe. Pay attention. Feel it. See it. Trust that it is all going to be okay. Because it will be. I promise.

*Image - Kera Till