My 23rd Letter to You


Oh my dear one, I heard the news.

God, how brave you have been to go through all of that and yet, here you are. You did it down. You put down the load and said, ‘enough’.

I wish more people could forgive themselves and set down the load and rest a while. You know what I mean, don’t you? We all carry so much around that we don’t need anymore. Houses, relationships, work, stuff, the past.

Actually, I think it is the past that we carry that slows us down. It is a dead weight around our legs, or on our shoulders or back. The past needs to be buried and you did it. You bloody did it.

I know it was hard, I know it hurts. That day where you stood looking at the door, now closed and realised it was over, that day was huge and that day was the marker. Then and now.

And look at you now? Man oh man, I see you and I salute you.

What a full on year it has been and now we are here and you, my magnificent friend, did the work.

No more guilt. No more shame. No more stress, anger, worry and fear. This is the life you are meant to live and you deserve it. You really you. I love you. I am so happy for you.

Much love,