My 5th Letter To You

My 5th Letter To You

Hi there,

How has the week been? Have you been kind to yourself? I hope so.

I could hear the negative self talk swelling inside my head the other day, so I sat quietly and breathed slowly, to stop it from taking over. I just sat and closed my eyes and breathed. It wasn’t a meditation as such, because I was in the middle of cooking dinner but it was more about trying to ground myself.

It’s so easy to fly around the room in an emotional spin. By trying to feel my body, my heart, my head as one whole unit, I eventually came back to me and the ‘shitty committee’ in my head went back to the naughty room.

Sometimes it feels like the world isn’t a place we need to be a part of all the time. That it is too harsh for us, or we are too harsh to mix with the people around us. I have found there are other ways of being in the world without too much pressure. Patting a dog, smiling at a child, watching, noticing, acknowledging with a head nod as we pass a stranger in the street. Perhaps it is a stretch while lying on the floor, or picking a flower and putting it in a vase. Small things that don’t require too much involvement or energy, but remind us we are all part of something bigger and connected.

Did you see the moon this week? It was lovely. Large and ripe and compelling. It’s pretty great to think that everyone around the world is looking at the same moon.

I know you had some things on your mind but perhaps it’s time to take them off your mind and put them on the table. What is something you plan to do today to make you feel a little lighter? Something must be let go of, you know what it is.

Perhaps the goal is not to be healed but to transcend despite the pain, the cuts, the headaches and the stomach trouble. We must always try to know ourselves, even if that means only speaking to ourselves for days at a time. That’s okay. I tell you these things to remind you that you are a work in progress. I tell you these things to remind myself I am a work in progress.

Together we work on it. We get better. We take a step back then we fly forward.

Good news is coming. Stay present.

Will write soon.




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