Romance Book Covers with My Alternate Blurbs

Romance Book Covers with My Alternate Blurbs

I stumbled across images of old Mills and Boon novels and they reminded me of my Nan and op-shops and my childhood. (My mum had most of these hairstyles through the 70's.)

Here are some classic's with my take on what the books are about.


Bingo caller, Nigel Turnip, has always enjoyed a 69 and the classic legs 11 but the new bingo board checker, Nora Courgette, has him bowled for a 6.

Nora is everything Nigel isn't: sensible, responsible, cuts her own hair, and likes to roll the balls anticlockwise, but Nigel isn't ready for that, in fact, he isn't ready for Nora and her ball tricks.

But Nora might just get Nigel to change his ways and his suit, if she has any say in it and make herself Mrs Turnip by the end of the book.




Artist, Terry Towel, find a young woman in his house who has a severe case of amnesia and an equally severe haircut. He doesn't know how she got there, she doesn't know why he wants to paint her but every drawing ends up looking like a Butterick dress pattern.  Also, why is she running a temperature 24/7, and is this causing her to see everything through Impressionist glasses?


Hospital librarian, Sally Field, is tired of being felt up by the playboy, Doctor Rod Staff. She would say something but she needs her job and she's no Norma Ray. Then in comes blind patient, Freddy, who is looking for the toilet. Sally and Blind Freddy are soon exploring the Dewey system in the stacks but will Dr Rod ruin their chances at love and will they find their love has been checked out, never to be returned?




Meat wants Grace before dinner.

Grace wants Meat for dinner.

Grace holds the crop. Grace wins. A BDSM thriller told through prime cuts and culottes.


Young bride, Kitty Sullivan cannot come to terms with her husband, Timothy Dalton's, insistence he will be the next James Bond. Why does he wish to be a spy, when they run a perfectly good motel and reception centre in the Lake's District? Why isn't it enough for him? A passionate tale of broken dreams, crockpots, and gypsophila.

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