The Mean Reds

The Mean Reds


  Right now I'm running between my new and very intense three-day a week job, working on two TV shows, writing a new novel, as well as promoting The Last Will and Testament of Daphné Le Marche, plus looking for a house to live in for the next 20 days.

My closest girlfriend, The Good Doctor, has just left after spending a week with me, and thank god she did, because no one gives advice like her, and no one else is as happy to be as lazy as I am. Of course, she totally sorted in from the inside out, and she has left me feeling like I can cope and I am more than capable with life's little Lego bricks under my feet.

Coffee last week with two old friends, who are both having a shite time.

As I said to them, " Everyone gets a turn on the bottom part of the wheel of fortune."

Is it our age? Probably.  But still...

When I went through my shite three years of living in disaster zone, some people asked me "What did you do in a past life?"

Um, nothing? It's a shitty thing to say, as though I bought on my father and brother's cancer myself, or that I caused my family to have terrible things happen to them.

What I've realised is that everyone gets a turn and you cannot avoid it. Parents die, people get sick, there are accidents, and mistakes, and divorces. There are arguments, and bad words, and disappointment, and sometimes, these come all at once. Actually, at my age, they usually come all at once.

My friend recently lost both her parents within three months of each other. Another friend has a small child with a very aggressive cancer. I have friends with unhinged ex-partners and friends who are coping with serious illness in either themselves or others. I have friends of my children who are struggling and who I worry about at night. I have a constant battle to make sure I balance my relationship with my kids and my partner,  and I have to live with disappointing someone, at least once a week. We all do.

This is life. A series of turds with pearls intermittently appearing  in-between said turds. The thing to do is to keep moving, don't get stuck in the mire. Shit happens. Pearls appear. Don't get caught looking at your shoes, and miss the jewels around you.

Peace out my friends, and thanks for the love. I'm sending it right back at ya!



The Choice To be Childless

And in other news...

And in other news...