And in other news...

And in other news...


I am about to be homeless, which is completely destabilising and stressful, plus I have started a new part time job, which seems to be taking up all of my mental space, full time.  Fascinating people watching. Characters for books, galore! But you know I can be a workaholic, so I am having to force myself to not work on my days off and get back to writing, because I am, as my husband said in his recent birthday speech, 'Formidable and obsessively relentless, eventually the world will spin in the opposite direction, just because Kate kept asking.'

(Subtext- Kate is a massive pain in the ass but we love her because of this when she's doing shit that benefits us.)

A dear entrepreneur friend reminded me of this yesterday, when he said, 'You always were the best raconteur I know. You're the best sort of person at a dinner table, except when you're a bitch, which you do very well, like a classy one but scary.'

The acidic-tongued raconteur and the charming, handsome entrepreneur. Dorothy Parker and Jay Gatsby take Manhattan. It's a caper set in the Jazz Age, I told him, and we discussed casting. I will be played by the delightful Emma Stone, he will be played by Sacha Baron Cohen, playing the role as his character, Borat. Should be a riot. Book early to avoid disappointment.

I'm seeing a theme here in discussing my character.  Equal parts good and evil. This must mean I've reached enlightenment, right? Dualistic universe etc? No? Oh. Okay.

Meanwhile, I'm writing this book that might be so good it hurts, or so shite it will kill me, one never knows. Again with the duality theme. My agent tells me it's the former, and I trust her, so I am writing again today and tomorrow.

Also my next book is out from Harper Collins (UK) in September. A worldwide release lovelies, so get onto it and preorder now!

I am trying to set a goal of six pages of writing a day. This was inspired by Stephen King who was interviewed by George R.R 'Game of Thrones' Martin, who is notoriously slow output. Stephen writes 6 pages rain or 'shining'. You can read more here and see them chat. 

6 pages of A4 type = 2700 words. Not many on a good day, but painstaking on a slow one.

Ah, so much going on! Okay, off to look at houses this arvo.  If I don't find one, can I move in with you?



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