Home on the range

After a conversation with my sister-in-law about the joy of cancelled plans,  and hanging out at home, I thought about how much I love being housebound. Home is my safe place and a constant project that thankfully, is never finished. Yesterday, en route to Bunnings, I spotted some gorgeous terracotta pots on the side of the road waiting for a new home, and my brother Fred put them in the back of his truck.  Then we went and ate a sausage in bread at the store, and chose some plants for the free pots.

The rest of the day was spent gardening, separating our tomato, nasturtium, and basil plants that we have grown from seeds, and feeding them all.


Then we swam in the pool and drank lime cordial and discussed how good our garden is looking.

I was up at 6 am today, planting cosmos daisies by the fence to wave at people as they pass by, and watering and pruning trees. Soon Fred joined me and we worked, with the puppies pottering with us.


Next was off to get a Christmas tree with Dave, and supplies for a BBQ.

The tree is decorated and the house smells of pine and Christmas lillies. It's such a beautiful time of the year.


Have a wonderful day! Speak soon.


Sacred Horror

Sacred Horror

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Gifts for the writer in your life