Good friends aren't hard to find

Good friends aren't hard to find


  On Sunday night I saw old friends, whom I love so much but don't get to see enough as they live in Sydney.

After lots of wine and laughter, the conversation turned serious, and I, of course, cried at their love and understanding and how good some people are. What I love about old friends is that you can be honest with them and them with you.

I am big on crying. I cry when people win things on the radio. I cry when I see tenderness to children and animals, I cry when I see everyday heroism.

I started to tell a story about how generous two friends were when I was caring for my brother, and how one day they just put money in our bank account because they knew we had none, as I was at the hospital everyday and Dave hadn't worked because of his own illness.

As I started to tell the story, I started to sob at how fucking kind they are, and how they helped us eat and pay the rent that month.

And then I told them of how another friend turned up with a box of fruit and vegetables and $200 and a hug.

Or the note my dear friend left for my husband in the letterbox, telling him how ace he is when he wasn't so sure.

And then I sobbed my way through a bottle of wine while recalling the last two years while my dearest friend held my hand and my other friend topped up my glass.  We then shared war stories and disappointments and joy in others and celebrated that people we love are still with us.

What I love about these particular friends is that they are actually the best cheerleaders to have in your life. If I was cleaning houses for a living, they would be telling everyone how good my cleaning is, and how I'm taking over the world one house at a time, and they would mean it. It's not false praise. Their belief in their loved ones is why they are so successful in life.

At one point they said they didn't think they did enough to help us. But my husband said, "Just you both calling to check in, was enough of a reason to think it's going to be okay."

So call your friends. Old friends, new ones, ones who are having a tough time, ones who are taking over the world, tell them you think they're going to okay, they're amazing, and they're doing just fine.


Sending love to you.


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