The Dinner Party Measurement

The Dinner Party Measurement




Tom Ford says that you should never do business or work with anyone that you would not have dinner with.

I need to remember this tidbit from Tom more often, especially when offered opportunities. Yesterday I said no to an opportunity that had red flags waving from the outset, and I was worried I had made the wrong decision until I came home to the best news I have had in about five years!

Seriously. It's so good it hasn't sunk in yet but I can't say anything because I'm not allowed to  but needless to say, there will be  champagne at mine soon enough.

Last week, I saw a woman on a game show win a large amount of money and she said she asked 50 friends and family to imagine her in the chair winning the money.  Manifesting in action!

So last week I sent a text out to a few close witchy friends, the daughter and the sister and asked them for help in manifesting this opportunity. Of course, they all jumped at the task and were burning sage, candles, saying prayers, meditating, speaking to the dead and sending me funny messages with girls jumping out of cakes for celebration ideas.

Yesterday I sent out the thank you text because the power of  love and support from my dinner party people is stronger than anything else I can think of right now.

Focused intention and positivity can go a long way. So can asking for help.

Then this morning I read a blog by the dear Pip Lincolne about Praising The Quiet Life and her propensity to say no, because of the freedom it gives her to spend time doing good things with good people.

Ain't that the truth?

Today I woke with a freshness I had forgotten existed and plans for my small life domination. I have a book to finish for my publisher who I would totally break bread with, a TV show to write with a producer who I did have drinks with before the offer, and we liked each other so much it happened and a big project to work on for a lovely client whom I will  dine with next week.

The sun is out, my vegetable garden is growing, and I am grateful to be able to say no, so I can have dinner and champagne with people who are amazing, just like you and me.

Happy Tuesday lovers.


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