Having a cold saved my life

Having a cold saved my life


  Do you like my click bait title for this post? I loathe shit headlines like this. I also loathe inane questions at the end of posts.  I will think of the most inane question to place at the end of this post.

I have also included the worst image I could find on Stockshots. How bad is this? I know my husband is gagging at the sight of this right now. Snot and dog drool upset him. Both are the stuff of his nightmares.

I am sick with a cold, which is so boring,  but I remember a friend telling me that when her mother was sick with cancer, she had mentioned that her mother was never sick. The doctor said that we need to get sick, as it reboots the immune system and cleanses the crap from our body.

Interestingly, my cold started after I had been eating super healthy for a week. Fucking quinoa.

I read this from the book, Your Health, Your Choice by Dr. M. Ted Morter.

"Germs are not the cause of disease. Germs only set up residence and become a problem when your body's defenses are down. Lowered resistance is a large "welcome" sign for germs. Bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms are in and around us all the time, they don't show up just on rainy days or during the winter season "(Morter, p. 11).

A runny nose, watery-eyes, fever, and a miserable cold represents an internal cleansing process. You should be very happy that your body is strong enough to do house cleaning because this helps bring your body back a state of homeostasis (balance). The body's first line of defense against unwanted or unnecessary visitors is dilution. Diluting substances the body doesn't need or want renders them less harmful. One method of removing unwanted or toxic materials from the body is the common cold. A cold may make you feel rotten, but the cold itself serves a purpose. Your body is getting rid of waste matter that if left in your body may lead to health problems in the future (p. 15).

Cold symptoms can be brought about by improving your diet too quickly and giving your body more natural and beneficial foods than it is accustomed to having.

Quinoa, I tell you, is the devil's work. The eldest kid had cooked up a batch and left it in the fridge, so I used it in lots of things, including general controlled eating, which my body isn't used to. So now I'm on speed Sudafed and Strepsils, trying to get my book finished.

In other news, my dear friend is heading into surgery tomorrow to rid her gut of the canker. She's on my mind but I feel good about it all. This is her Act Two and when the time is right, I will bring her some quinoa to reboot her innards.

Here is a little chart I made on Act Two in writing, and how it applies to life.  You have to work through to the third act, otherwise it doesn't make sense. Push through. Push onto the next act.ACT two (1)

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Inane question - Have you ever had a cold?

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