Back In The Game

Back In The Game


My computer had a meltdown and I lost the log-in to my blog, which is boring but I could not prove who I was to Wordpress, despite me offering them a DNA sample, photo ID and a lap dance. Apparently the best way to show you're you, (and an online bargain hunter) is to prove you've bought something for your blog through Paypal. The proved to be impossible, as the last time I bought something through Paypal, I was still rockin' the flip phone and a wedge heel.

It is an odd feeling trying to convince people you are who you are, and I became entirely too willing to show them more of me, so they saw I was real. A bit like this blog in many ways.

But really, who the hell would want to hijack this blog I tried to argue? Have they read it? It's ordinary, like the owner. So, back and forth we went but to no avail until I finally had an Oprah moment and remembered my password.

Then I got a new laptop, and it's faster and slimmer, (like the future me) but with less memory (like the current me) so I needed to clean shit up in the old one before I moved to the new model.


I deleted 4000 photos of past life people and their children. Jesus, I don't need that many pictures of other people's kids, not even my own. My penchant for recording life instead of living it is something I have thankfully moved on from.

I deleted 3000 songs which proved to be far easier than I thought. Music tastes changes, and it's okay to let go of the last Coldplay album, because it was shit.  Don't hang onto something that's crap.

Huge files from a past life work. Books that have long been published. Folders and folders that hadn't been opened since the Kevin 07 campaign.

Interestingly, my phone then had a tantrum, so I have to clean that out and reset the network something blah blah, anyway, it's all lean and mean.

So what happens now?

I don't know but to be honest, it's nice to have less information. Every time I opened my files, I would be reminded of the hard times in business, friendship, the books that didn't work, the ideas that didn't get up, and so on.

And with less information, I might be able to remember my passwords a little easier. At least I hope so.

Happy Saturday and I hope you're all well!





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