Your challenge is to open the door


What started in October 2012 through to the end of 2014, and has recently raised its head again in June? Something big was happening, yes? Or you had an idea for something and didn't trust it? Or it wasn't the right time to see it to fruition? Or were cracks beginning to show in something? A marriage? A job? A friendship?

Whatever it was, it's about to get sorted between now and the end of September.

Think reopening the book you didn't finish. Putting your signature on papers that matter. Finding a hidden door to out of the mess, you're in right now. Having the solution to the problem that started back then. Finding the golden ticket that was tucked away in your wallet.

Yes this is astrology, but even if you're a non-believer, it is still a good thing to go back and see what you may have forgotten about, or denied; something that needed to be sorted out in your life, body, mind, or soul.

Meanwhile, something really good has happened for me that I have been wanting for about three years,  and to celebrate, I have bought myself a digital subscription to The New Yorker. There is a lot of average content on the web, but The New Yorker delivers every time.

I struggle with subscriptions because I am financially challenged and need to save my bitcoins for a rainy day, and also because most content is crap. The same writers and the same stories because the internet is an echo chamber.

Talking to a friend last night, we lamented when blogs go bad and they run out of good content or lose their focus. I get how hard it is to keep coming up with ideas.  I don't make a living off my blog, which is just as well because I am sporadic at best, but finding content to output  x 7-days would be exhausting.

Tracking back to the astrology, three years ago  I was given an opportunity that didn't work out for copious reasons, but I stayed with the 'want' and now, as soon as the planets shift, it falls into alignment.

Crazy? Sure I am but it makes it easier to cope with why things happen to me and others. Deluded? Why not but it's my head-trip and I'm always flying first class.

If I can implore you to try anything today, look back from October 2012 and see what started back then and what you can tidy up, or start again now.

You can do it! I believe in you! *High Five*