Everyday I'm shuffling...words.


I am writing. This week I have constructed 20,000 words into sentences (a good start) and as a first draft, I'm fairly happy with them. I am also obsessed with checking my lemon tree, which is only three years old and had yet to yield a crop until now. It's delivered it's little yellow fruit, and I'm planning to make lemony things.



I have also been cooking. I told my daughter that I cook as though I have just exited WW2 so I am trying to make it more interesting. Since two family members have diet issues, I cook FODMAP, so I am planning to cook my way through the Asian Inspired FODMAP page on Pinterest. So far I've made the chili prawns and rice noodles, and pork meatballs with Asian greens and brown rice. Super easy and tasty.

When not writing, I can be found cooking and reading. These are the books I have read in the past month.

  1. Where the God of Love Hangs Out by Amy Bloom
  2. Secret Keeping for Beginners by Maggie Alderson
  3. In the Skin of a Jihadist by Anna Erelle
  4. Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen
  5. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Condo

I'm now reading:

  1.  Craft for the Soul by Pip Lincolne. 
  2. The Age of Magic by Ben Okri
  3. FODMAP recipes

All in all, it is peaceful. I have another 100,000 words to thread into a thrilling, beautiful, romantic, inspiring but time to weave the magic,  thanks to my dear publisher who moved some deadlines for me.

Life does move forward; even in the hardest times, it is moving. I was talking about the time my brother was in

I was talking to my brother on Sunday about the months he was in hospital. We both feel like we've come out from a cave. He was deep in the cave, I wasn't as far in but still the calendar as we know it changes when you're in hospital. Your daily planner becomes the daily treatment schedule.  Below is is the final round of chemo my brother had for his Burkitt's Lymphoma.


When asked what day it was, I would answer, "It's Day 8 - That's Vincristine and your port change is tomorrow."

Or, "It's Day 11 post chemo,  you will be feeling better soon."

Now the days are back to normal and the week presents the usual music lessons, work, gym sessions, cooking, caring, and loving.

If you had told me five months ago that I'd be crapping on about my lemon tree and pork meatballs, I'd tell you you're mad.

"Can't you see my life is falling apart?' I would have screamed at you.

But it didn't. I got through it, and so will those of you who are facing uncertainty right now.

There will be lemons on your tree. Just be patient. It all changes. Everything is moving.

"Do you know the land where the lemon-trees grow,

In darkened leaves the gold-oranges glow,

A soft wind blows from the pure blue sky,

The myrtle stands mute, and the bay tree high?

Do you know it well?

It’s there I’d be gone,

To be there with you, O, my beloved one!"